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Expanding to US markets is difficult

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What is Up Up Grow? 

Up Up Grow is an online education platform and community of entrepreneurs from countries around the world. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs living in emerging markets like Africa, India and the Middle East expand their business to markets in the United States. In other words, we want to help you grow your revenue by selling to American consumers and companies. 

Our Summer 2018 class begins on June 1st. 


About the instructor

Hi there! My name is Michael Thomas. I'm an entrepreneur and growth enthusiast. As the Head of Sales Development at Highfive (backed by a16z and Google Ventures) I created the first $1 million revenue channel at the company.

After leaving the company, I started SimpleData. In my first 6 months I grew revenue from $0 to $25,000 / mo. I sold the company in 2017 and now spend my time writing for magazines like FastCompany and making documentaries. 

I've helped entrepreneurs all over the world grow their business and reach US markets. 


What you'll learn in this course


Week One

How to get press for your company

In this module I'll teach you how to pitch media companies like Techcrunch, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, FastCompany, The Atlantic and others. I'll share email templates that I've used successfully and give you an example press release template that you can use to pitch your company. I'll also show you how to find 250 targeted press email addresses quickly. 

Outcome: An email template that will get press to respond, a press release, and a list of 250 target journalists

Length: 2 hours + discussion and Q&A

Week Two

How to use cold email to sell your product to US-based businesses

In this module I'll teach you how to build highly targeted lead lists and write email templates that get 25% response rates. The goal of this module is to save you time and increase the amount of leads you can email every week. Many of the companies I've worked with in the past have seen leads targeted go from hundreds per month to thousands, all while they increasing conversions. 

Outcome: A repeatable prospecting process and email techniques that will help you sell your product directly to customers in the US. 

Length: 2 hours + discussion and Q&A

Week Three

How to create a better performing website and write copy

One of the biggest mistakes international entrepreneurs make when selling their product to the US is creating a bad website. As someone who isn't a native English speaker it is hard to write copy that Americans can understand. It's also hard to know what design trends are popular in the US if you live in another country. In this module I'll show you how to create a website that looks beautiful and converts customers. 

Outcome: A new website and brand that performs well in US markets

Length: 2 hour + discussion and Q&A

Week Four

How to use content marketing to scale revenue

In this module I show you how to create content that drives revenue and gets you ranking #1 on Google. I'll share examples of stories that I've written for magazines like FastCompany and blog posts that have gone viral. My content has been seen by millions of people. My goal is to help you do the same. 

Outcome: A content marketing strategy that will help you find more US-based customers

Length: 1.5 hours + discussion and Q&A

Here are a couple companies I've helped grow



This course is launching in June 2018

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